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Right? Left? Wrong.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold. – Yeats

The world stands on the brink.  Throughout the developing world war, revolution, and chaos reign.  The Euro zone’s smaller economies are in revolt.  China is undergoing unprecedented inflation for that nation.  Japan holds in the same economic malaise of twenty years hence.  Finally, America sits merrily at the endpoint of a very long, devastating cycle of divestment, borrowing, entitlement, and worse.

Our powerful no longer look to production as a fount of wealth.  The elite live as rentier lords, seeking only to secure the latest source of financial paper wealth.  Actual production and productivity are far below potential capacity as our financial sector consumes more and more of the productive economy.  The pettifoggery and brigand behavior control the masses through carefully channeled media narratives.  Take General Electric, as an example, a company which earned over 5 billion in US profits yet was paid by the IRS over 3 billion dollars in 2010. This model of business doesn’t revolve around making a product for people in a free market, but in bribery and fraud.  A nation where a business is more successful through lobbying and accounting tricks than through the marketplace is a nation begging disaster.

This sort of pay to play can be seen throughout government.  The victims are you and I.  Workers, small business owners, landowners- traditional stakeholders in a free society, are increasingly losing rights to a corrupt, feudal arrangement.  A land of the free is no place for robber barony, be the robbers corrupt government administrators and their decaying bureaucracies or well connected Wall Street financiers.  For these reasons and more, Right Left Wrong has launched and shall become a place where ideas for a better, more free tomorrow can flourish.  Any ideas or comments which can foster that tomorrow are welcome and desirable.

Welcome to Right Left Wrong.